Free Online PM Courses



Here is a list of free offerings on the PMI resource hub include:

  •, an online PMI project management community where project managers from around the world can communicate, participate in discussions, play games, and access a variety of related resources.
  • Standards+ (Beta), the online version of the group’s Project Management Body of Knowledge guide and standards book, which provides information, digitized tools, templates, and case studies.
  • Snippets (Beta), a resource for small, bite-sized chunks of information about project management for busy professionals.
  • Navigator (Beta), the group’s portal for its career development platform for project professionals. Included are opportunities for comprehensive self-assessment of skills, interests, and goals, while offering action plans to achieve objectives.
  • Projectified Podcast series, which offers conversations about hot topics and emerging trends impacting the world of project managers, from digital transformation to artificial intelligence to career development.
  • Tower Game, a project management exercise offered through the PMI Educational Foundation, the Tower Game teaches participants to consider time, cost, quality, and risk as they explore project management.
  • PMI Study Hall (Beta), which provides sneak peeks into new Project Management Professional (PMP) exam resources, including outlines of exam content, daily practice questions, tips from experts, and resources for preparing for the exam.
  • PMXPO, a link to PMI’s recent annual virtual conference event, which will remain available for on-demand viewing until June 26.
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