Execution Mastery: How to Overcome Common Project Hurdles with Dr. Emad Rahim

Host Fola F. Alabi interviews Dr. Emad Rahim on Strategic Project Leader podcast show.

Positioning Project Managers as Strategy Drivers & the PMO as Strategy Realization Office

Host Fola F. Alabi interviews Dr Mona Zoughaib and Mark Burnett on Strategic Project Leader podcast show.

DEMYSTIFYING AI for Project Professionals for a Competitive Edge with Lela Machaidze

Host Fola F. Alabi interviews Lela Machaidze on Strategic Project Leader podcast show.

5 Famous Project Managers in American History

Infographic: 5 Famous Project Managers in American History It’s easy to think that “project management” is a new-world job description. Naming convention aside, creative and business professionals have been hammering out great work for a very long time—some with a better knack for juggling products and plans. Here’s a visual stroll down memory lane that ...

 Thought Leadership in Project Management: with Kris Sprague, PfMP, PgMP, PMP

- By Dr. Emad Rahim, PMP, A-CSM, CSP Kris Sprague is the Head and Director of Project Planning and Scheduling at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. He is a talented leader that helps organizations achieve their strategy through the successful delivery of portfolios, programs, and projects. Kris has extensive experience building and leading project management organizations and project ...

Thought Leadership in Project Management: with Dr. Frank Lee Harper, Jr., PMP, CSM

Recognition that the most effective project managers to leading disruptive transformation programs/projects need leadership and strategic business management skills. The emphasis on technical skills is beginning to take a back seat to the previously mentioned skills.

Closing Thoughts PM Network

This is pretty cool to share with our readers. PM Network Magazine operated by PMI provided me with a digital image of my interview with them back in 2017. Here is the full interview on project management education for their "Closing Thoughts" series that is located on the last page of the magazine.

Thought Leadership in Project Management: with Americo Pinto, PMP, PMO-CC, PMO-CP

By Dr. Emad Rahim, PMP, A-CSM Americo Pinto, PMP, PMO-CC, PMO-CP, is the Founder and Chair of the PMO Global Alliance, the world’s largest community of PMOs and PMO professionals. He has more than 25 years of international experience in PMOs, Strategy, and Project Management, working as a Practitioner, Consultant, Professor, Researcher, Speaker, and Author. Americo Pinto was ...

Self-Managed Teams in Project Management

Retrieved from: http://www.managementkits.com and Betterup.com By Olaf Bach (Part 1) and Shonna Waters, PhD (Part 2) First, let’s try and define the terms self-managed teams, self-directed teams, and self-organized (or self-organizing) teams. Self-managed teams are work teams that are not (fully) integrated into a top-down chain of command and that do not have a single ...

Project Management – Team Building

Retrieved from PMI.org Team Building in Project Management By Wilemon, David L. | Thamhain, Hans J. One of the most important developments in management during the 1970's has been the widespread application of project teams to a variety of complex tasks. Project managers quickly learn the critical significance of the effective project team and the ...

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