PMI Free Online Courses

With COVID-19 quarantines in effect around the world, the Project Management Institute (PMI) is making a wide range of project management training materials available online for free to help at-home workers add to and bolster their skills as companies rethink work processes and procedures. The resources offerings are listed in a COVID-19 Resource Hub that will continue to be updated with additional services as needed.

The free online resources, which include a Project Management for Beginners course, an Agile in the Project Management Office course, a Business Continuity course, a project management community discussion board, and more, have been gathered to answer requests from the group’s members as workers seek ways to keep their skills sharp during the pandemic, said Mike DePrisco, the vice president of global experience and solutions for PMI.

“COVID-19 has caused many companies to require employees to work from home, and industry events are going virtual,” said DePrisco. “We’ve heard from our community that they are interested in finding ways to continue to develop professionally during this difficult time. We responded by extending no-cost virtual learning options and customizable digital services to them and their organizations.”

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