Bellevue University Announces Promotion of Dr. Emad Rahim

Bellevue University Announces Promotion of Dr. Emad Rahim

BELLEVUE, NE., March 30, 2021 —The Faculty Promotion Committee and President of Bellevue University voted to promote Dr. Emad Rahim from Associate Professor to the rank of Full Professor in Project Management within the College of Science and Technology.

Dr. Rahim’s high standards of scholarship, dedication to his students, community outreach work, service to the university, and his commitment to upholding Bellevue University’s mission were noted by his faculty colleagues and Dean.

“During his time at Bellevue, Emad has demonstrated a dedication and passion to teaching, research, publishing, service, collegial activity, and professional growth.” – Dr. Jason Ferguson

“One of Dr. Rahim’s most admirable qualities is his ability to motivate people. He is an excellent innovator and a great collaborator and consultant for his peers. He certainly has leadership skills and is excellent at managing people and getting them involved in a cause.” – Dr. John Kyndt

“Dr. Rahim’s service to the University has been exceptional. He has demonstrated excellence in teaching, scholarly activity, service and collegial activity, and professional growth. He has provided vast evidence to demonstrate he has met the criteria for promotion to full professor.” – Dr. Mary Dobransky, Dean of College of Science and Technology

Promotion will take effect July 1, 2021. We at the university congratulate Dr. Emad Rahim for is dedication and accomplishment on being promoted.

Dr. Rahim’s academic portfolio adhered to the following standards with distinction:

1.  Teaching experience and evidence of teaching skill competence:

Direct observation, Teaching evaluations, Dean’s opinion, Peer evaluations/letters, Teaching philosophy, Course development, Primary professor responsibilities, Online CDL, Examples of pedagogy

2.  Evidence of service to the University:

Program Directors, Area Chairs, College or university committee work, Committee chair responsibilities, Club sponsorship, Open houses/marketing events, Graduation

3.  Degrees held:

Post-Doctorate Diploma, Doctorate Degree, Graduate Degree, Undergraduate Degree, Graduate Certificate, Honorary Credentials

4.  Scholarly activity record:

Research Publications, In-depth focus on a subject area, Evidence of critical thinking, Special project implementation, Conference presentations, Re-certification, Mentoring student research projects

5.  Participation in and service to professional organizations (articulate what you do):

Advisory boards, Regular meeting attendance, Governing boards, Officers, Editorial boards, Reviewing research articles, Serving as a session chair or discussant at conferences

6.  Professional growth activity:

Conference attendance, Training programs, Research, Continuing education, Work on advanced degrees, Certifications

7.  Collegial activity that positively impacted the University:

Committee work, Demonstration of graduation rates, Retention, Growth in programs, Team teaching/mentoring, Collaborative research, Public debates, Guest speaking in the classes of colleagues, Advisory boards, Hosting/attending international student events, Supporting athletic events, Supporting/participating in health & wellness events

8.  Specialized training and education:

Recertification, Learning/using new technology, Learning /using new software packages, Blackboard

9.  Work experience outside the teaching profession:

Consulting, Small businesses, Volunteerism, Outreach

10.  Service to the community (articulate how it impacts the community):

Pro bono professional work within your field, e.g. free consulting or counseling, Volunteerism, Guest speaking engagements, Serving on governing boards, Newspaper articles, Club sponsorship

Bio: Dr. Emad Rahim is an award-winning author, educator, entrepreneur, Fulbright Recipient, and TEDx Speaker. Dr. Rahim has earned advanced post-doctoral credentials from Harvard University, Tulane University, and the University of Maryland/UC. He has a Doctorate of Management and two graduate degrees in business from Colorado Tech, and completed his undergraduate education at SUNY Empire State College. He was awarded an honorary Ph.D. from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and given an honorary Associate Degree from SUNY Onondaga Community College. He was the recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Alumni Award issued by the American Association of Community Colleges (only 5 selected across the country), and was honored with the John H. Mulroy Founder’s Award by OCC’s Board of Trustees, and received the 2016 Award of Distinction from Southwest University. He was recognized by the United Nations Foundation as an Empact100 Honoree, given a Congressional Award for Civic Engagement, won the Entrepreneur Teaching Excellence Award from Oklahoma State University, Teaching Innovation Award from Bellevue University, Community Impact Award by SUNY Empire State College, 40 Under FORTY  Business Leader by Whitman School of Management and CNY Business Journal, and Certified Manager of the Year by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers of James Madison University. His industry credentials include: Project Management (PMP, CPM, MPM, CCPM, APMC), Agile & Scrum (SA, CSM, A-CSM, CSP), Management (CM, CABM, CMgt., CMgt FCIM Fellow), Marketing (OMCP), and Quality Management (Lean Sigma, Six Sigma Black Belt, Kaizen, and TQM).

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